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A deceptively simple and uniquely flexible release tool.

Take Charge

Manage muscle and soft-tissue pain

Rehabilitate damaged tissue

Improve performance

Prevent injury

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Feel the release

Why users love TOLA Point

Feels good

  • Soft-tissue therapy

    Soft-tissue therapy feels good. The relief associated with massage, myofascial release, trigger point release, rolfing and other soft-tissue therapies is a common clinical experience. Supplement your therapy sessions.

  • Take charge

    It feels good to be in control. Take charge of chronic musculoskeletal pain between therapy sessions. Often, the pain relief associated with therapy sessions is temporary and the only reliable between-session solution involves pain medication, most of which have adverse consequences. Take charge, naturally.

  • Nip problems in the bud

    It feels good to be proactive. Prevent soft-tissue problems from developing. Employ soft-tissue therapy as an effective pre-hab strategy. Improve soft-tissue performance. Maintain musculoskeletal balance and efficiency. Eliminate progressive problems (such as ‘frozen shoulder’) by dealing with the underlying myofascial dysfunction as soon as symptoms appear.

Liberating and empowering

  • Chronic problems resolved

    Work around bony prominences. Work hands-free. Reach tissues, even deep tissue, with finger-tip accuracy. Work effortlessly. Harness the power of TOLA’s unique flexibility to apply the pressure that is just right. Resolve chronic problems.

  • Precise and stable

    Work with confidence. Because TOLA Point has sides that drop away steeply, you can work on soft-tissue with precision. Because you can angle TOLA Point, you can bring just the end of the Point to bear. Because it has a wide, round base, it is stable. Precision plus stability equals confidence.

  • Deep and accurate

    No need to sacrifice precision when you work on deep tissue. Add height to TOLA Point without increasing Point size.

  • Versatile and effortless

    Reach all your spots. Effortlessly. Lie to use only your body weight. Sit or stand and still work hands-free, even on your neck, upper back and shoulders.

  • Better and better

    Find new solutions to old problems. The more you use TOLA Point, the more confident and creative you become.

Affordable, discrete and durable

  • Affordable

    A TOLA Point retails for US$5.95 before shipping and tax. A TOLA System for under $50.

  • Portable

    Take it with you. A TOLA Point fits in the palm of your hand. A TOLA System weighs a pound and fits in a 9 inch by 7 inch drawstring bag.

  • Discrete

    Deal with aches and pains where and when they occur. At the office. In the hotel. In the departure lounge. Address the critical myofascia of your back, rear shoulders, rear hip and hamstring without leaving your chair. Do not use TOLA Point in a moving vehicle.

  • Durable

    TOLA Points, Wedges and Rockers are made from ABS, the material used to make LEGO® bricks. TOLA Strap is made from nylon. Both materials can be cleaned with soap and warm water.

The TOLA Promise

“Effortlessly release your myofascia with TOLA Point, or your money back”

TOLA Point

Designed by a physical therapist with over 20 years of physical therapy experience, TOLA Point® (patent pending) is a deceptively simple and uniquely flexible myofascial release tool, relevant for any physical therapy modality that incorporates the application of pressure to fascial structures.

  • Sustain the gains achieved in therapy
  • Facilitate faster rehabilitation and recovery
  • Reduce the need for OTC and prescription medication
  • Take control of, and manage, chronic pain
  • Resolve long-standing chronic conditions
  • Overcome overuse injuries

TOLA in your Practice

Offer your patients an Effective Self-Manage Option.Contact us if you’d like to trial TOLA in your practice. We’ll send you two TOLA Point Sets, two TOLA Wedge Pairs, two TOLA Rockers and two TOLA Straps to trial on a ‘no-obligation’ basis.


Stay in the Game. Re-hab or pre-hab, superstar, emerging star or weekend warrior; optimize your performance with TOLA Point as a sponsored athlete, musician or dancer.Contact us to get involved.


Spread the Word. We are constantly learning new ways to use TOLA Point. You will too. Please share your discoveries with us so that we can spread the word.


Improve outcomes. Contact us to host a course, an in-practice, or a lecture on how self-release, self-management and TOLA Point can improve outcomes for your patients, athletes and performing artists.

Distribute TOLA

Help spread the Joy. We ship to Europe, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Become part of the TOLA team. Distribute TOLA Product in these or other territories. We’d love to hear from you.