The perfect massage tool

The Perfect Self Massage Tool

Self massage has never been so simple and effective. With the patented Tola® Self Massage System, you’re in control. Use your bodyweight and gravity to reach any muscle with the level of intensity you chose.

Whether you want to release trigger points, muscle knots, or myofascia or just enjoy a relaxing deep-pressure massage, Tola® has the self massage tool you need.

  • Reach any muscle using only gravity and your body weight
  • Work hands-free
  • Control the intensity
  • Release trigger points and myofascia
  • Target aches and pains

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One Solution


Work Hands Free

Use only your body weight and gravity with Tola® Strap to release trigger points and muscle knots hands free. Totally relax the targeted myofascia.


Raise and Angle

Apply pressure perpendicular to your muscle for the most effective self massage. With over 36 different configurations, Tola® allows you to compensate for your natural curves.


Build the Perfect Tool

Relax and shorten the targeted muscle for best self massage results. Use Tola® Belt to mount your Point on a roll or half roll. Build a tool with the perfect profile for you bodywork.

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Developed by a PT

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