Developed by Jonathan Reynolds PT, PhD

Frustrated that patients were regressing between sessions Jonathan Reynolds PT, PhD, searched for a self-treat tool for his patients to use between visits.

He wanted something that:

  • Didn’t rely on patients’ strength, flexibility or reach.

  • Didn’t force patients into particular postures to reach particular parts of their body.

  • Allowed his patients to work with precision and control.

When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he designed and build a tool himself.


With pain you need options

With pain you need a tool that doesn’t restrict how you work.

TolaPoint is:

  • No reliance on reach, strength or flexibility.

  • No need for a particular posture to reach a particular part of the body.

  • No need to engage a particular set of muscles.

Extend your strength, reach and range-of-motion

Use the leverage and reach of TolaStrap to work areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Chose which muscles to relax and which muscles to use.

For example, use your Strap to work your shoulders and upper-back without using your arms.

Go places your other tools don’t know you have

Foam rolls and tennis balls are great tools: simple, portable, affordable, effective. But, there are some spots they just don’t reach.

Combine TolaPoint with TolaWedge, TolaBelt and TolaStrap to create the perfect profile for you bodywork.

Build a tool with the height and size you need.

Do the impossible

With your therapist, develop a self-treat program that wouldn’t be possible without TolaPoint.

The limit is your imagination.

Career threatening injuries

Concertmaster of the Minnesota Orchestra and lead violinist, Minnesota Orchestra, Erin Keefe was struggling with career threatening injuries.

Her major concern was that she might require surgery

Then she started to use “the perfect device”.