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Get more from your massage tool

Get more from your massage tool

Self massage has never been so simple and effective. Get more from your bodywork with the patented Tola®Point massage tool.

  • Overcome pain, regain range of motion
  • Frozen shoulder, headaches, back pain
  • Trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release

Frozen shoulder bundle

Overcome pain and regain range of motion with select Tola components and Clair and Amber Davies’ classic Workbook.

The perfect device

Struggling with shoulder injuries she worried might require surgery, Erin Keefe felt her career was threatened.

I was experiencing daily pain

With overuse injuries and constant pain, Kathy Wood was facing weekly therapy to maintain the status quo.

A massage tool for your hamstring

Effective self-massage

Designed by a Physical Therapist to let you relax the tissue you are targeting, use your body weight or large aerobic muscles to create pressure, and work with the least effort. With Tola®Point your self massage is uniquely effective. more

A massage tool  for your upper back and shoulders

A new way for shoulders

Recruiting the muscles you’re trying to relax can be neurologically confusing and counterproductive. With Tola®Strap upper-back and shoulder work is better because you aren’t using your arms or shoulders to create pressure. more


More force, less effort

Arms and hands tire easily. For smooth, controlled and consistent pressure, that you create effortlessly, use your body weight or the large aerobic muscles of your legs or hips to generate the force you need for your massage. more

Get better, faster

Frustrated that patients were regressing betweeen sessions, Dr Jonathan Reynolds PT wanted a massage tool they could use between visits. When he couldn’t find what he wanted, he developed TolaPoint.

One tool, your whole body

upper-back-lying-600x400Relax, focus, release. With Tola®Point no part of your body is out of your reach. Find a comfortable position and focus on your bodywork. Use our library of techniques for inspiration. more

Low back pain bundle

Learn the secrets to lasting pain relief with Tola.