Less pain more joy

Featured technique

Use tolapoint® to speed your recovery, manage your chronic pain and improve your performance. This week: sitting on a flat surface with a foam roll behind you.

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Rehab and prehab

You’re a performing artist or athlete. You train hard. You use a foam roll and tennis ball. But, there are some spots they just don’t reach!

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Chronic pain

You have a chronic pain condition. Your sessions with your physical therapist give you temporary relief. You want to take control between sessions.

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I want a self-treat tool I can configure to meet each of my patients’ needs.

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Deabilitating headaches are common. With tolapoint you have a simple, drug-free tool for addressing the myofascia that may be responsible for your headaches.

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Hip pain

A 5-step self-management sequence for hip pain, developed by Jonathan Reynolds PT PhD, inventor of tolapoint.

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Frozen shoulder

Jonathan Reynolds PT, PhD, inventor of tolapoint, has developed an 11-Step self-management sequence for frozen shoulder.

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