Get more from your massage tool

Get more from your massage tool

Self massage has never been so simple and effective. Get more from your bodywork with the patented Tola®Point massage tool.

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A massage tool for your hamstring

One tool, your whole body

Applying force at right angles to your soft-tissue is the most effective way to generate pressure. Put another way, a tool with a….. more

A massage tool  for your upper back and shoulders

A new way for shoulders

Recruiting the muscles you’re trying to relax can be neurologically confusing and counterproductive. With Tola®Strap you….. more


Generate force efficiently

Arms and hands tire easily. For smooth, controlled and consistent pressure, use your body weight or the….. more

Developed by a PT

Dr Jonathan Reynolds PT wanted a massage tool all his patients could use between sessions. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for, he developed TolaPoint.

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