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Go places with your TolaPoint that other tools don’t even know about

Foam rolls and tennis balls are great tools: simple, portable, affordable. But, there are spots they simply don’t reach. Add another dimension to your rehab and prehab bodywork, today!

Work your shoulders and back hands-freeWork your shoulders hands-free with TolaPoint

Engaging the muscles you’re trying to self-massage can be counter-productive and neurologically confusing. Use TolaStrap to work your shoulders, back and neck without using your arms and while totally relaxing those areas. The limit is your imagination!

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Reach the spot

Lying on a TolaPoint under your shoulder

Raise and angle your TolaPoint to compensate for the natural curves of your body and make deep and superficial self-massage easier.

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Need more control, flexibility and power?

Work your chest standing with TolaPoint and a looped Strap

Use TolaStrap to give you another option. More control, flexibility and power.

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Precise, controlled pressure to your lower back

Precise pressure to your lower back with TolaPoint and a foam roll

Lower back pain can be debilitating. Use a Point on a foam roll for a precise, controlled massage of your lower back. Learn more about using your TolaPoint with a foam roll here.

The perfect profile for your pre-hab or re-hab bodywork

Build the perfect profile for your bodywork with TolaPoint

A single Point, a Point-Wedge combination mounted on a Strap; the options are almost endless. The limit is your imagination! Learn more