Relief from tension headaches

Relief from tension headaches

Ted V. sent us an email a couple of weeks after he bought his TolaSystem.

The TolaStrap is a beautifully simple, thoughtfully designed tool. It played an important role in me finding relief from one and a half years of tension headaches. I still use other tools, but unlike the others, the TolaStrap allows me to target trigger points in my upper shoulders precisely while maintaining a comfortable body position. Also, just as important, the TolaStrap allows the user to leverage ample force against stubborn spots, which in my case was a key factor. Great design.

We think you’ll like TolaPoint too. Here’s why:

  1. Relax completely
  2. With TolaPoint, you have a multiple options for addressing each area of your body. Select the one that lets you relax completely.

  3. Don’t let fatigue stop you
  4. The small muscles of your arms and hands tire easily, the pressure needed for deep self-massage can be uncomfortable on your fingers and thumbs.

    Sit, stand or lie to use your TolaPoint with your body weight, or use a looped TolaStrap to harness the large aerobic muscles of your legs or hips.

  5. Work deep tissue when you want to
  6. With TolaPoint you are in control. Work surface tissue or go deeper.