TolaPoint on a Strap is genius

TolaPoint on a Strap is genius

Erica gave her TolaStrap an enthusiastic review:

The tolapoint on a strap is genius.

I was having a really hard time getting to a hard-to-reach spot. Other products that one can sit on, or roll on, weren’t quite getting there.

Finally, the tolapoint was able to reach and I could pinpoint my pain in the butt, literally, and get some relief.

Being able to control the pressure by suspending the strap and using bodyweight is ideal and provides the user with total control.

Since using this tool my stresses and strains from endurance sport have had pleasant results in recovery time and that nagging injury in my hard-to-reach place is now at a point where it can be worked out after a workout.

What’s so special about TolaStrap?

Effective self-massage requires that you:

  1. Reach the spot you need to hit while being as relaxed as possible.

    Not being able to comfortably reach the area you’re trying to massage can be counterproductive.

    So too is being forced, by limitations of reach or strength, to use the muscle group you’re trying to relax with massage, as might happen, for example, if you’re trying to massage your own shoulders, upper back or neck.

    TolaStrap is designed to give you reach and leverage.

  2. Work without fatigue.

    The small muscles of your arms and hands tire easily and are not ideal for creating the smooth, sustained pressure you need.

    The pressure needed for deep self-massage can also be uncomfortable on your fingers and thumbs.

    With TolaStrap you use your body weight, the weight of a limb, or the large aerobic muscles of your legs or hips.

  3. Are able to precisely apply as much, or as little, pressure as you need.

    By allowing you to be as relaxed as possible, and to self-massage without fatigue, TolaStrap puts you in control.

TolaStrap for your shoulders, upper back and chest

Place your upper body inside a looped TolaStrap, then select an anchor and use your bodyweight, the weight of a limb, or the large aerobic muscles of your hips and thighs to apply the pressure pressure required.

5 examples are shown below:

TolaStrap for your lower back, hips and legs

Loop your TolaStrap around an anchor, close yourself into the loop then use your bodyweight (or, for your lower back only, the large aerobic muscles of your hips and legs) to pressure as required to your lower back, hips or legs.

5 examples are shown below: