Quick start guide

Quick-start guide

Tola®Point is designed to let you create the options that make your body work simpler and more effective.

A 3-step quick-start guide to your TolaPoint:

  1. Experiment with a single Point
  2. Add height and angle with Wedges or a Rocker
  3. Add leverage and reach with your Strap or Belt

1. Experiment with a single Point

There are three sizes of Point: 750, 500 and 375. The number refers to the diameter of the tip. Your 750 has the roundest tip, your 375 the sharpest. All Points have a 3 inch diameter and a height of just over 1.5 inches.

The wide base of eachPoint makes it stable and it’s exaggerated bell-curve makes it accurate and precise.

Start with your roundest Point and pick a quick-start posture that works the right area. Experiment with all three basic postures types (Sitting, standing and lying). Progress to your sharper Points when you are confident you have complete control of your body weight in the posture.

2. Add height and angle with Wedges or a Rocker

The risers (Wedges and Rocker) will increase the pressure you feel when you use them to:

  • Apply force at right angles to your soft tissue.
  • Stretch and compress tissue.
  • Raise the height of your Point.

Snap one or more of your Wedges to your Point to angle and raise it.

Each Wedge is angled at 10°. The highest and lowest points on each Wedge are marked by vertical lines.

Align the two long lines to achieve the maximum possible angle of 20°. Align the long line on one Wedge with the short line on the other to create a flat one-inch ‘riser’ for a Point.

TolaPoint-500-on-two-WedgesTolaPoint 500 on Wedge-pair riser

3. Add leverage and reach with your Strap or Belt

Snap a Point or Wedge to the Base threaded onto your Strap or Belt to access techniques like these and these.

Use the finger-nail groove between the Wedge and Base to pull them apart.

Always use TolaPoint responsibly and safely.