How to anchor an open TolaStrap using a closed door

How to anchor an open TolaStrap in a door

With your TolaStrap open, place the buckle over the door. Close the door and pull down on your Strap to remove any slack and anchor the buckle firmly against the door. Slide the Base to the desired height.

StrapOverDoorOpen Strap over doorTaking-out-the-slack

Safety note

For safety reasons it is usually preferable to work against the outside of a locked door.

If you chose to work on the inside of a door, be sure that:

  • the door is not going to be opened unexpectedly, and
  • the door can be opened from outside without your help and without injuring you.

In the pictures, the buckle of the Strap is being placed from inside the door of a treatment room in a physical therapy practice where the door is not going to be opened unannounced and where there are at least two people in the room: the user and a therapist.

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