How to increase the depth of your massage

How to increase the depth of your massage

There are 7 basic techniques to increase the depth of your self-massage:

1. Apply more force by shifting your weight

Shift more weight onto your Tola®Point to apply more force and increase the depth of your self-massage.

For example, with a TolaPoint under your glute, drop your leg on the affected side, then roll your body toward your Point to incrementally increase the force you fell.


2. Apply more force by using your Strap

Use your Strap to engage the major aerobic muscles of your hips and legs, or to find a creative way to bring more of your body weight to bear.


3. Amplify the leverage of the Strap

There are two ways to do this.

With the slack taken out of the loop, further increase the pressure by pinching the loop closed.

Or, with the slack taken out of the loop, place your unaffected hand on the back of the Base and, with the heel of your hand, push down on the Base.

Proceed with caution, you will be surprised at the amount of extra pressure you can generate in this manner.


4. Use a smaller Point

There are three sizes of Point: 750, 500 and 375. The number refers to the diameter of the tip. Your 750 has the roundest tip, your 375 the sharpest.

Create a deeper, more focused pressure by selecting a smaller Point.


5. Raise the height of your Point

The higher your Point is, the more tissue it can displace.

Compensate for the natural curves of your body. Increase the height of your Point by stacking it on a smaller Point, mounting it on a foam-roll or half-roll, placing it on a towel or cushions, or stacking it on Wedges (a Wedge pair will raise your Point by just over an inch).

TolaPoint 500 on Wedge-pair riserTolaPoint-500-on-TolaBelt-on-foam-rollTolaPoint-500-on-TolaBelt-on-half-rollneck-lying-half-rollback-and-side-of-neck-with-head-on-rolled-hand-towelNatural-curves-hamstring

6. Apply static pressure perpendicular to your muscle

All else equal, apply force perpendicular to your myofascia for the most mechanical pressure.

The Tola®Point mounting options (Wedge, Rocker, Strap, Belt) are designed to allow you to compensate for your natural curves an build the profile that allows your bodywork to be done at the most effective angle.


7. Slide over a Point placed at an oblique angle to your tissue

Slide over a Point angled oblique to your tissue to simultaneously stretch and compress that tissue. By stretching your tissue while you compress it you can achieve the sensation of a deeper massage without applying more force.

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