Three Wedge configurations are shown: a 750 angled on a single Wedge, a 750 angled on two Wedges and a 750 raised on two Wedges, but a single Point configuration would also be appropriate. The Wedges are raising the 750 to compensate for the curve of buttock and angling the pressure in the desired direction. […]

  1. Lie to gently lower your buttock onto your TolaPoint. Keep your knees bent.
  2. Relax your buttock and let the weight of your torso generate the pressure required.
  3. For incrementally more pressure: push into the ground with your opposite leg; drop the leg on your affected side to the ground; and, using your opposite knee and shoulder, roll your body weight onto your Point.

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A TolaPoint is all you will need to complete this technique. Use one or more Wedges to raise, or raise and angle your TolaPoint as needed.

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