Jennifer Fitzharris-Funk, Runner

I’ll cut to the chase – TolaPoint is simply amazing and hands down the best trigger point tool I’ve ever used.

I’ll cut to the chase – TolaPoint is simply amazing and hands down the best trigger point tool I’ve ever used. It’s a unique system that includes assembly options that are nearly endless.

TolaPoint comes with three “Points” in various sizes (think the size of an elbow, the size of a thumb and the size of something in between an elbow and a thumb). There are also three bases for the points to rest on – two angled bases which can be used alone or stacked, allowing for more pinpointed precision as well as a base that rocks allowing the user to leverage mobility to really get at a nagging spot. Finally, there are two straps available to secure around a door or another stable fixture or, like I did, attach the smaller strap to a foam roller. The possibilities and combinations are endless and honestly a little overwhelming, so it’s great that a booklet comes with each system (which is also available from the website) explaining assembly and massage instructions for each part of the body.

Pros: The low price point and versatility of this tool was astounding to me. I used it on my high hamstring, glutes, tensor fascia latae (hip), lower back, neck and foot. I typically use four different tools to cover these areas, but with easy adjustments in assembly, this tool was able to handle each spot I cover in my nightly routine. Unlike my Theracane, I don’t need to use any upperbody pressure to use the tool and unlike my TriggerPointTherapy balls, the points don’t rollout from underneath me (or end up in my dog’s mouth).

Cons: If you’re not used to trigger point therapy, it can seem a little intense – maybe even painful. With the TolaPoint system, you’re able to modify it and start slowly (using the largest point and least about of body weight/pressure) being able to breathe deeply and relax into the pressure until the knot relaxes or releases.

Lisbeth Kristensen, former World Champion, two time European Champion and multiple Ironman winner

I wished that I’d already been able to use the TolaPoint back when I was training

I used to be a professionel triathlete and I wished that I’d already been able to use the TolaPoint back when I was training a lot because I would have had a lot less issues with my body!

I’ve always suffered from back issues and the problem was due to a tight right quad and tight left glut. I’m still doing a few runs every week and with the use of the TolaPoint, I manage to release all the tight spots in my body so that I can run much freer than I ever could. I’m also a triathlon coach and I advice a lot of my athletes to use the TolaPoint. A great little tool for keeping your body balanced.

Erica, Triathlete

The tolapoint on a strap is genius.

The tolapoint on a strap is genius. I was having a really hard time getting to a hard-to-reach spot. Other products that one can sit on, or roll on, weren’t quite getting there. Finally, the tolapoint was able to reach and I could pinpoint my pain in the butt, literally, and get some relief. Being able to control the pressure by suspending the strap and using bodyweight is ideal and provides the user with total control. Since using this tool my stresses and strains from endurance sport have had pleasant results in recovery time and that nagging injury in my hard-to-reach place is now at a point where it can be worked out after a workout.

Mark Shires, Athletic Trainer, APT Norfolk Tides

I love your product!

I love your product! I’ve purchased six TOLA Systems, four for my athletic training room and two for players to use at home. The Strap works great. My guys tend to use them to position Points or Stacks on massage tables and foam rolls. They especially like the small half roll. We use compressionette to hold Points and Stacks in place on the foam rolls.

John Wilinski, USA Racquetball Certified Advanced Instructor, US Squash Certified Coach Level I

I absolutely love the Tola System!

I absolutely love the Tola System! My back gets immediate and lasting relief after my intense squash workouts. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it now that I know what it can do. It’s far superior to my foam roller. Thank you so much! I will be a big advocate for your product!!

Kathryn, single-mom, tri-athlete and writer

I like feeling that healing is in my own hands

As a self-employed, single mom who does triathlons, endurance swimming and running events—and sits at a desk the rest of the time—I’m injured more often than I’d like and often short on time and money. The TolaPoint gives me an easy and affordable way to administer my own treatments in between physical therapy, chiropractic and osteopathic appointments, thereby stretching out their effectiveness. Plus, I like feeling that healing is in my own hands—literally in this case!

Thomas Myers, Author: Myofascial Trains

The TOLA is perfect for the traveler

The TOLA is a simple but ingeniously designed self-help tool. With variable angles and surface areas delivered in a lightweight and compact package, the TOLA is perfect for the traveler to get those kinks out after a flight or a bad hotel night.

For the discerning client of bodywork or physical training, the TOLA can be used to target trigger points, ‘stuck’ areas, or myofascial pain. The handbook concentrates on static pressure; for myself I get the best results by moving my body very slowly over the stationary tool to energize, hydrate, and re-awaken the tissues.

Put it in your suitcase or keep it by your bed. If you are a ‘get it out of there no matter what the pain’ kind of person, remember to breathe.

Jim Hanson

This is the only way that I can personally affect my treatment outcome without taking medication.

I have spent 10 years trying to resolve a very painful case of chronic myofascial syndrome in my lower trapezius muscle on my right dominant side. The source of the pain went undiagnosed and unresolved by neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, and pain clinics, and seemingly endless medical procedures. At times, I was totally debilitated and nothing seemed to help ease the pain. This was particularly bothersome as the pain affected my ability to reach and work with my computer mouse for sustained periods of time.

I was finally referred to Jonathan Reynolds for physical therapy. It was he who identified what the problem was and began treating me using trigger point release therapy to the rhomboid and lower trapezius muscles, which immediately relieved my pain. Up until that first treatment chronic pain was controlling and restricting my activities. After the relief of the first visit, I also started to use the System at home and at work on a regular basis. The trigger point release therapy and tola System combination have brought me the first long-term relief I have experienced. I use the System lying on my back and I roll onto the Point to apply pressure to the rhomboid and lower trapezius muscles between my shoulder blade and the spine. The relief occurs within 1-2 minutes. I also use the Strap over a door or wrapped around my chair. I lean back into the Point to apply the pressure and the relief happens quickly, much the same way as lying on the Point. After I use the tolapoint System, I stretch the muscles in my back and this helps to prolong the relief.

Steve Varland

The tola System helps reduce my chronic pain. I now use it at home daily.

I had my first lower back surgery, a right side partial laminectomy at L4/5, in 2001. At that time, I was informed by the doctor that I had degenerative disk disease. The pain increased steadily over the next 10 years. In 2011, another MRI was performed from which it was determined that in needed another decompression surgery. Apparently, old debris and fragments from the 2001 surgery were pinching a nerve root at L4/5 again and this was causing tingling and numbness down my right leg and into my foot.

Several months after the second back surgery, I had a fusion of my left ankle due to torn ligaments and tendons. The fusion was unsuccessful as I continued to experience pain and instability in the ankle. Nine months later, I had another fusion performed by a different surgeon – this time with success! Unfortunately, I had suffered nerve damage and needed physical therapy, hence the referral to Dr. Jonathan Reynolds for physical therapy for my ankle.

I was quite impressed with their approach and the manner in which the therapy focused on my ankle and lower back, as it was thought that my back was hurting partly because of the way I was walking and moving. As part of my treatment, Dr. Reynolds began using trigger point release techniques on my back and buttock area which were successful in alleviating my pain. As a result, Dr. Reynolds felt that I would be able to work on the trigger points myself using the tola System. Initially it was uncomfortable lying on the Point, but within minutes, my pain was reduced. The pain, tingling and numbness dissipated from my leg and foot. The tola System helps reduce my chronic pain. I now use it at home daily and I no longer need to attend physical therapy.

Dr. Teresa Gurin, MD

The tola System functions as an effective portable device for many of my patients, especially difficult resistant cases of migraine headache associated with neck pain.

As a physiatrist, 50% of my patients suffer with chronic pain.

In many instances, movement intolerance contributes to their pain and they aren’t always compliant with instructions regarding exercise. Desperate for relief, they often over-rely on medications and gather unhelpful combinations of prescriptions from various sources, sometimes becoming dependent on narcotics, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers.

Much time is spent weaning patients off narcotic and muscle relaxer medications and encouraging movement and exercise. Physical therapists who use a combination of manual therapy for pain relief, and exercise to improve range of motion and strength are integral to assisting me in restoring patients to lifestyles free of potentially addictive medications.

Clever patients learn techniques to manage their pain, eliminate/reduce use of medications, and “graduate” from my care to independence. One such technique, the TOLA System functions as an effective portable device for many of my patients, especially difficult resistant cases of migraine headache associated with neck pain.

Why take a pill when you can quickly break-up a painful muscle spasm with tolapoint and some stretches?

Grant Hiesterman

That night was the first night in over 9 months I went to sleep without intense pain and muscle spasms. I awoke more refreshed. It wasn’t until noon the following day that I realized I had worked all morning without the chronic pain!

I had been experiencing excruciating and chronic pain in my left shoulder following an injury for 9 months. Varying degrees of the pain were constantly present each day, impacting sleep, concentration, and my ability to function at a high level in my work responsibilities. Unfortunately, the affected area of the injury was located at about the only place on my body that I could not reach with my hands to massage; namely, the rhomboid muscles under the edge of my scapula. A little physical manipulation always provided temporary pain relief but did not last. There was nothing I could make or buy to extend the relief of the manual treatment.

At home I began placing a golf ball on the floor but it was too small and did not have the ability to put enough pressure on the affected injury to massage it or release the trigger point. I then tried a hand ball and a tennis ball. They were much closer in height and surface area to help but they were too soft. Not to be discouraged I tried a baseball and a softball. The baseball had the firmness but could not pin-point the area to provide relief. The softball, with its large diameter, was too high and its surface area was also too large.

I was then referred to Jonathan Reynolds for physical therapy treatment. His initial use of trigger point release immediately alleviated my pain. But pain soon returned. At the second visit, he introduced me to the tola System and gave me a brief training session on how to use it. After the visit I tried the System at home. That night was the first night in over 9 months I went to sleep without intense pain and muscle spasms. I awoke more refreshed. It wasn’t until noon the following day that I realized I had worked all morning without the chronic pain! I am very excited to continue to learn how to apply the principles of the System and refine them to my specific health needs. The flexibility, size, and infinite ways to configure the System make it a ubiquitous tool to have with you wherever you spend time: home, office, or traveling.

I have been utilizing the System for only four days and remain relatively pain free throughout the day. I cannot put a price on that after all the doctors, therapists, and time off work of the last nine months, not to mention the physical and mental anxiety and pain. I wholeheartedly recommend the TolaPoint if you are tired of living with constant pain.