Why should I be interested in self-massage?

Why self-massage?

Sustained pressure to muscle and fascia (myofascia), can eliminate pain, restore movement and improve muscle performance.

Studies of self-massage have shown increased muscle flexibility, improved joint range of motion (ROM), less post-exercise fatigue and soreness, and reduced post-exercise recovery times. See here, here and here.

As a therapy, sustained pressure to myofascia can be safe, affordable and effective.

What do I need?

All you need to begin your self-massage is a finger-tip or thumb and we’d recommend you immediately add a foam roll and a lacrosse ball as your basic self-massage tools.

What do I do?

We suggest you start slow.

Gentle pressure applied often, and by hand, is the way to begin your self-massage journey. Once you have identified the spots you want to work, try your foam roll and lacrosse ball.

Give your body some time to respond. It may be that a foam roll and a lacrosse ball are the only tools you need.

Why TolaPoint?

It’s time to consider a TolaPoint if you discover there are certain ‘hot spots’ that:

  • Need more precise or more intense pressure.
  • Hurt your hands or fingers to massage.
  • Can’t be reached without getting into an awkward or tiring position.